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Dr. Ouriel BLOCH is a Specialist in Orthodontics, recognized by the French and Israeli health ministries. With more than 20 years of experience, he will propose to  you the best and latest technological Technics, in order to obtain the most beautiful smile in an invisible way.

Our office is located at the entrance of Jerusalem, near Tachana Merkazit. Doctor Uriel BLOCH and his team will be delighted to welcome you and offer you the treatment adapted to your request.

Why choose a specialist?

A specialist in Orthodontics is a Doctor in Dental Surgery who has pursued his studies intensively for nearly five additional years to obtain the National Diploma of Specialist. The title of specialist is issued by the ministries of health after validation of a national examination.
Only a specilalist can claim the title of orthodontist.
He has two license numbers:
(a dentist's license and a license of orthodontic specialist).

Choosing a specialist guarantees you the best care, the most perfect smile and the stability
of the result for a long time…

Can we perform a treatment in an invisible way?

A huge technological advance has taken place these last few years in the  domain of invisible orthodontics. Dr. Uriel Blovh and his team are constantly adapting to all technologicals innovations.
So that we can improve your smile without wearing orthodontic braces. Thus more and more adults offer themselves a fast treatment with a maximum comfort.

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